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Tryout & Training Dates

Irvine Regional Park
1 Irvine Park Rd.
Orange, CA 92869
United States

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Someone will meet you near the main gate. 

If you get lost call or need further information call Nikki @ 714-623-4914

If it is raining, we will meet you at 3730 South Susan Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704. 

Please call us before you decide to change venue.

We are sorry, but anyone who is unable to attend will be ineligible for a CIT position. While we will try to take as many qualified candidates as possible, not all who try-out may be chosen for a staff position. If you are not chosen as a CIT, we encourage you to attend camp as an LIT (Leader in Training) to gain further training and experience.  We understand that as a teenager you are very busy during the summer (vacations, sports, family gatherings, concerts, etc.) however, our requirements have to be met to stay within compliance with ACA and Camp4Kids polices.  Furthermore, the parents who allow their children to come to camp with us trust that we will have the best possible CITs in charge of their children.  Because of this you are not allowed to miss the tryouts, or any of the training's sessions.  

During try-outs we will be observing you in a variety of camp role play and teamwork activities, and we’ll be looking for enthusiasm, energy and overall participation level. We encourage you to be prepared as though you would for camp, as you are for school, or any other important event in your life. That means coming in comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes at all times and acting in a professional manner. If you cannot attend this mandatory training meeting, you will NOT be eligible for a CIT position this year.   


CIT’s will have a mandatory training sessions on weekend after CIT’s are chosen (see time below).

Please RSVP to the Camp Director in charge Nikki our CIT Director at:, or by calling us at 714-474-9774 at least two weeks in advance that you will be coming to the tryouts. 

A rule of thumb "It is better to be an hour early than a minute late".  At camp we do not accept being late as we are depending on you.


We have hundreds of kids to serve and because of this, we have booked training dates nearly a year in advance.  If you are unable to come to any of these training sessions, then we are tremendously sorry, but you will be unable to be a CIT this year.  As part of ACA, we are training to the standards set forth by them, and to their hour requirements.  There is no makeup time available. 

Parents Night July 15, 2024                                                                                          (7:00 PM-8:30 PM)  

Camp Oakes July 21 - July 27, 2024                                                                                          Camp Oakes

Camp Ronald McDonald June-                                                                                            Camp Ronald McDonald



We need your help to continue the work that  we strive to do.  Please consider making a  donation or becoming a volunteer.

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