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2. The safety of the children will always come first.

3. In order to protect CAMP4KIDS staff, volunteers, and program participants, at no time during programs may a staff person be alone with any child where others cannot observe them.  As staff supervises children, they should space themselves in a way that other staff can see them at all times.

4. Staff shall never leave a child unsupervised.  Our policy is that CAMP4KIDS ensure that all children are supervised, and that the ratio of Counselor or CITs to child should not exceed 5 to 1 and at a maximum 10 to 1 depending on age.

5. Restroom supervision: Staff will make sure suspicious or unknown individuals do not occupy the restroom before allowing children to use the facilities. Staff will stand in the doorway or outside the bathroom facility while children are using the restroom to ensure their safety.  This policy allows for privacy for the children and protection for the staff (not being alone with a child). If staff is assisting younger children, doors to the facility must remain open. No child regardless of age should ever enter a bathroom alone.

6. Staff should conduct or supervise private activities in pairs--changing children’s clothing, putting on bathing suits and sunscreen. When this is not feasible, staff should be positioned so that they are visible to others.

7. Staff must be aware of all children in his/her group at all times. Groups will never be left unattended.

8. Staff will place themselves in a position to supervise every child in their group.

9. Staff will be personally involved with the children -. Staff are not intended to be baby-sitters. They are there for the safety and wellbeing of the child, and to help them as needed.

10. Staff are to be role models to the children.

11. Staff will maintain a positive relationship with the children, parents, and staff, at all times.

12. Staff will be aware of the total group rather than ignoring a group for an individual child.

13. Staff will ensure that children clean-up the activities they are at before going to other activities.  Staff will always thank the program person for their help.

14. Staff will read and make notes of any posted material relating to staff and attend all meetings and special events.

15. Staff will set appropriate and clearly defined limits to maintain a safe environment.

16. Staff will use flexibility and patience when working with children.  No inappropriate language may be used.

17. Staff will assist children in the development of problem solving and group decision-making.

18. Staff will make the Directors aware of all injuries.

19. Staff will know emergency procedures, including basic first aid practices.  Staff will be CPR/First Aid trained.

20. Staff will be prepared for a variety of activities (including arts and crafts, physical activities, quiet games, music and stories) for times when the program schedule changes with positive interaction and objective set for all activities in camp including devotions.

21. Staff will continually educate the children in the safe use of CAMP4KIDS property. 

22. Staff will not violate a child’s personal rights. Staff should not abuse children including:

            - Physical abuses--strike, spank, shake, slap, etc.

            - Verbal abuses -- humiliate, degrade, threaten, etc.

            - Sexual abuse -- inappropriate touch or verbal exchange, etc.

            - Mental abuse -- shaming, withholding love, cruelty, etc.

            - Neglect -- withholding food, water, basic care, etc.

Any type of abuse will not be tolerated and may be cause for immediate dismissal and grounds for criminal charges being brought against the staff member.

23. Staff will use positive techniques of guidance, including redirection, positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than competition, comparison or criticism. Staff will have age-appropriate expectations and set up guidelines and environments that minimize the need for discipline. Physicals restrain is never used unless it is used only in situations (necessary to protect the child or other children from physical harm) and is only administered in a safe manner.  All contact must be documented in writing.

24. Staff will not transport children in their own vehicles. The transportation coordinator (Directors) must approve all staff that will transport participants in CAMP4KIDS vehicles.

25. Staff will not contact campers outside of camp without obtaining approval by the CEO of CAMP4KIDS.  Staff will also adhere to the CAMP4KIDS social media Policy which prohibits contact with minors using the internet at all times.

26. Under no circumstances should the staff release children to anyone other than the authorized parent, guardian, or other adult authorized by the parent or guardian. (On file with CAMP4KIDS),  if uncertain ask your Director or the CEO of CAMP4KIDS.

27. Staff will read and sign all policies related to identifying, documenting, and reporting child abuse and attend training on the subject, as instructed by a director.

28. Staff should not be assigned to direct supervision of their own child.

29. Staff will be responsible for staying with their group in all programs.

30. Staff will recognize the individual needs of each child.

31. Staff shall check their camper at night to make sure they are safe and in bed before leaving for their staff meeting.  Staff will recheck their cabin for camper’s safety during the night and will make sure they are all in bed and secure before going to sleep.

32.  The Camp and Program Directing Staff will deal with all inappropriate staff behavior with campers, or with fellow staff, which may include, but is not limited to: immaturity, inexperience, stress, illness or fatigue, poor judgment, and lack of knowledge.

33.  Staff will follow the guidelines established during training which outline the appropriate behavior needed to perform the duties of a Counselor or CIT.

I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of me becoming a senior leader at Camp4Kids.  I understand that if I violate any of the terms of the code of conduct, that I might be removed from camp and not allowed to return.

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