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Frequently Asked Questions 
Camp Oakes

Q. What is Parents Night?  

A.  It is a time for all parents, especially those who have never sent their child away to camp to come hear what camp is like on a daily basis. and to learn about what their child will be doing the week they are gone.  We will discuss the do's and don'ts of camp and will address any and all your questions and/or concerns. Parents nights will start at 7:00PM at the:

Date:  July 15, 2024


Women's Club

121 S. Center Street,

Orange, CA 92866


Q.    What type of luggage should I send my child’s belongings in?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A.     We suggest that you pack all of your child’s belongings in an army-type duffel bag or a suitcase with wheels (roller bag). No trash bags or trunks are allowed. Please be aware that luggage will get a fair amount of wear because of the conditions at camp. Please label all of your child’s belongings with his/her name on it; this will make things easier for your child and for us to identify their belongings. Remember, your child will be responsible for carrying their own luggage to and from their cabin on the days we arrive and depart. Our recommendation: keep it light!

​​Q.     How many pieces of luggage can my child bring?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.      Your child is permitted only two large bags of luggage. No trash bags or trunks, please!

Q.    What are the ages of children that can attend camp?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.    Ages 8 through 17 at Camp Oakes and ages 10 through 17 if you are coming from CHOC.  We find that children normally below the age of 8 still are a little too young for the full day of programs we have.

Q.     My child lost an item. What can I do?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.      Camp4Kids holds medication and lost & found articles for 10 days from the date we return from camp at the Camp4Kids' main office located at 56 Tesla, Irvine, California 92618. Please call us at 714-474-9774 if/when you realize your child is missing something upon their return from camp. Neither the Camp Oakes staff, nor any member of Camp4Kids staff is to be held responsible for any item lost, left behind or stolen during the course of the week. By sending your children to camp you agree to fully indemnify Camp4Kids staff, directors, officers, and board members from any and all claims. After the ten days (10) as described above, all left over items unclaimed will be donated to Goodwill or a Shelter so they might be used to help someone else in need.  All medication is either taken to a hospital or destroyed by the Camp Director.

Q.    What is the weather like at camp?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.    During the day at Camp Oakes, the average temperature is usually between 65-85 degrees; and at night, the average temperature can drop down to 50-60 degrees.  At Camp Ronald McDonald in late July and August the average temperature is usually between 85-95+ degrees; at nigh the average temperature can drown down to 60-65 degrees.  In the past we have encountered the occasional thunderstorm and even a few days of rain, so please pack for potential quick climate changes. Mother Nature has a way of mixing it up sometimes, so everyone should be prepared. ​

Q.    What are the accommodations like at camp?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.     At Camp Oakes most children will sleep on a wooden frame bunk bed with railing inside a three-walled Adirondack-style cabin. There is no electricity in these cabins.  Bathrooms and private showers are available for your child’s convenience.  The bathrooms do have electrical outlets and are well lit at night.  For a few children there are both new and old cabins which have indoor bathrooms.  Everyone will sleep in a cabin, again some are really new, and some are older.  In both cases those in cabins will have an indoor bathroom as part of the facility.  At Camp Ronald McDonald all cabins (mostly new) have bathroom insides.  

Q.    Can I visit my child at camp or call them?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.    The short answer is NO. Parents are strongly discouraged from visiting their children at Camp during the camp week. Please respect our policy and your child’s camp experience.  We find that when parents come to visit their children, children often get (90+% of the time) homesick, which normally ruins their week and hurts the experience of others.  In most cases the parent winds up taking the child home.  One of our goals at Camp is to help campers develop and experience a sense of independence. To this end, we discourage campers from calling home.  There are no pay phones available to campers at the site, and due to our mountain location, cell phone service is not readily available. Therefore, we would appreciate you speaking with your child before Camp, encouraging them to write letters home and to expect letters from you.  If there is an emergency and you should need to speak with the Camp4Kids Directors, we can be contacted on site at  Camp Oakes  by calling (909) 585-2020.  Please do not call because you are homesick for your child.  

Q.    Is the Camp accredited?

A. Camp Oakes, Camp4Kids and Camp Ronald McDonald are all accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and recognized for meeting and/or exceeded over 300 camping industry standards in safety, staff screening & training, healthcare and operations.

Q.   Who watches my kids in the pool?

A.    An American Red Cross certified lifeguard watches over our campers while they swim.  Both our summer camps lifeguards are trained in the emergency and rescue procedures specific to our Camp pool. In addition, regular emergency procedure drills are practiced and documented by the Camp Directors.   In addition to the lifeguard, all of Camp4Kids cabin counselors are trained in how to assist the lifeguard in case of an emergency and Camp4Kids also has some certified lifeguards on our staff as well.

Q.   Who provides the medical care at Camp?  
A.   We always have medical staff at both camp with us, usually comprised of at least two  former military medics and in some cases a registered nurse.  We are working on getting one of our past camper and staff member (who is now a M.D.) to become our resident doctor in the near future.  This team supervises your child's health and administers medical care and daily medications.  They are available on-site 24 hours a day to attend to your child's medical needs. In case of emergency the Camp is only a few minutes away from a local hospitals or clinic. 
Q.   When should I mail my child a package or letter?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.    In order to ensure your mail arrives while your child is at camp, all mail and packages should be sent on the Thursday or Friday BEFORE YOUR CHILD LEAVES FOR CAMP. Mail sent after the Tuesday of camp will most likely arrive after your child returns home. Camp Oakes does NOT forward on mail.  Your child can also send mail back to you, so you may want to provide them with a couple of pre-addressed postcards with stamps already on them.  Once a week every child is given a postcard to write home. However, we find that the majority of children do not know their home address, so please make sure your child comes up to camp with a pre-addressed label so we can make sure the card we give them gets to you.  If you wish for us to take a care package up to camp for you, please bring it the day we leave for camp.  The cost (per package) for a small to medica (shoes box size) is $15, anything larger is $20 to cover our cost.  We do NOT bring care package back with us.  During the week your child will be able to enjoy the care package on free time and during rest period.  At night and during activity period the package are removed from the cabin and placed in the director cabins to keep them safe from animals. 


Q.   What should we pack?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.    We have created a helpful packing list, which can be found on this website. Please be sure you do not send your camper with any of the prohibited such as: fireworks, matches, anything that could cause a fire, animals/pets, sports equipment, electronics of any nature including cell phones, illegal drugs, e-cigs, tobacco, alcohol, vape pens, weapons of any nature, or any device that could hurt someone. All bags will be checked to ensure we have a safe environment for everyone.  Any children found with materials on the prohibited list named above will be sent home and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Q.   Do you allow any electronic devices in camp?​​​​​​​​​​​

A.   NO, we believe it is best for children to have personal face to face interaction and to leave technology at home for a week.  This includes phones used for music or pictures only.  We love hearing them sing, so no need for recorded music.  If your child decides to bring up a cell phone, or any other type of electronic device, and we discover it, your child will be removed from camp and will not be allowed to attend the following year.  In the past, adults have asked that their child have a phone for emergencies, however Camp4Kids directors will be responsible for all communications, so no campers need to have phones.

Q.   What is our policy on Right to Services?

A.    Camp4Kids reserves the right to decline service to your children should we feel, it may hinder our ability to serve the needs of the other children in camp, or if that child has broken our contraband, bullying or discipline policies and/or rules.  Camp4Kids reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.  Just because Camp4Kids/Active online registration system accepts your sign-up, this does not mean that your child is necessarily qualified to attend camp.  We would love to help all children, but that is just not possible in all cases, as we do NOT claim to have the proper training to help every child physically, mentally, emotionally or socially.  We at Camp4Kids must always consider what is best for the whole group, since we do not have the necessary staff to supply one-on-one assistant.  

Q.   What is our Privacy Rights and Contraband Policy?

A.    No one in camp, which includes campers, staff are allowed to have alcohol, drugs, personal sports equipment, animals, weapons of any kind, electrical devices, motorized equipment, or fireworks.  Camp4Kids adheres to a strict search and seizure policy with respect to the above including all illegal substances and/or weapons.

Camp 4 Kids respects the rights of each person’s privacy; however, we must also protect the rights of the group's safety and well-being.  All personal items should be clearly marked so there is not a misunderstanding of ownership.  Each camper will be responsible for maintaining his/her personal belongings.  Camp4Kids does not take responsibility for any loss (s), misplaced, or stolen item.​  Camp4Kids does not assume any liability or responsibility for sending a camper, CIT, or Counselor home who has broken the rules.  All liability rests with the parents and/or person, should they be 18 years or older.

Q.   How do we try and deal with children's allergies?

A.    In recognition that many children have allergies to nuts or other such items, Camp4Kids, Camp Ronald McDonald, and Camp Oakes do not knowingly serve any foods that have peanuts or tree nuts, and we strive to maintain a camp environment free from products containing nuts.  If your child has an allergy, please note it on the medical form you get the day you bring your child to camp and notify your child’s counselor at drop off after your register them.  Camp4Kids cannot promise that Camp is nut free, since we cannot control what parents give or send their child with.

***Please make sure any food you send with your child or in care packages contain no peanuts or nuts, or traces of nuts, and are not manufactured in a facility or on equipment that processes peanuts or nuts***

In the event that a shared snack or care package is sent to camp containing nuts, your child should be aware of the severity of their allergy and should immediately notify his CIT, Counselor and/or a Director.  The waiver signed as a condition of sending your child to camp specifically holds Camp4Kids, its Directors, Board Members, Staff and Volunteers harmless from any risks, injury or death resulting from participation, which includes any allergic reaction from exposure to peanuts or nuts.

Q.   Camp4Kids Policy on Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying.

A.    Camp4Kids is committed to making camp safe for all campers, and staff members to be free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. “Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any intentional written, verbal, or physical act, when the intentional written, verbal, or physical act:

· Physically harms a camper or damages the camper’s property; or

· Has the effect of substantially interfering with a camper’s experience; or

· Is severe, persistent, or so pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening environment; or

· Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the camp, or in the Director's opinion disrupts camp in any way.

Nothing in this policy requires the affected camper to possess a characteristic that is a perceived basis for the harassment, intimidation, or bullying, or other distinguishing characteristic.  Harassment, intimidation or bullying can take many forms including: slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendo’s, demeaning comments, drawing cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks, threats, or other written, oral or physical actions. “Intentional acts” refers to the individual’s choice to engage in the act rather than the ultimate impact of the action(s).

This policy is not intended to prohibit expression of religious, philosophical, or political views, provided that the expression does not substantially disrupt the camp experience. Many behaviors that do not rise to the level of harassment, intimidation, or bullying may still be prohibited by other Camp4Kids policies or rules. 

Counseling, corrective discipline, removal from camp, and/or referral to law enforcement will be used to change the behavior of the perpetrator and re-mediate the impact on the victim. This includes appropriate intervention(s), restoration of a positive climate, and support for victims and others impacted by the violation. False reports or retaliation for harassment, intimidation or bullying also constitutes violations of this policy.

Camp4Kids has a Zero Tolerance Policy.  We understand that removing a child from camp does not reduce bullying or just poor behavior. However, we have to think about the group as a whole. We have a zero-tolerance policy so we will remove the child, inform the parents, and possibly the police, and make sure the child does not return to our camp should they break any of the above rules or policies.  If at the discretion of the Camp Director the best action is to remove a child, then the parent will be informed and will become responsible for picking up that child.  If the parent decides to not pick-up the child, then CFS (Children Family Services) will be called, and other options will be pursued.  

Q.  Is there a Parent's Guide telling me more about camp programs and important information?

A.  Yes, just click on the button below and get our Camp4Kids Parents Guide.


​You as the parent/guardian have read the above policy and agree to discuss and have your child adhere to this in its entirety.   You further agree to all of it terms and conditions and forever hold Camp4Kids, its directors, volunteers, board members, and all that are associated with its organization, free from any liabilities associated with these policies.

If you have other questions, or you would like further explanations please contact us, so we might help you at:



Tel. 714-474-9774


56 Tesla
Irvine, CA 92618



Monday - Friday By Appointment 

Saturday 11:00 - 1:00

Sunday Closed


We need your help to continue the work that  we strive to do.  Please consider making a  donation or becoming a volunteer.

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