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History of Camp4Kids & Milestones

May 2010 - Camp4Kids became incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation, and began it journey.

June 2013 – Camp4Kids received its first annual gift from the Ryan Ferguson Foundation to help kick start Camp4Kids 1st camp year.

July 2013 - Camp4Kids started its first camp at Camp Oakes replacing the previous camp they had run for the Orange YMCA.  Camp4Kids started off with 115 kids. 

July 2016 – Camp4Kids established itself as the largest single week resident camp in Orange County.

January 2018 – Camp4kids formed a relationship with Home Aid to help bring up homeless children from Orange County living in temporary shelters.

March 2019 – Camp4Kids and CHOC hospital formed an informal partnership to help bring up children and their siblings to camp.

July 2019 – Camp4kids had its largest camp with 244 campers signed up and nearly 40 staff members.

May 2020 – Camp4Kids celebrated it's 10 year anniversary of helping children.   Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic caused all resident summer camps in California to be either cancel or postponed.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel camp this year.


July 2022 - Camp4Kids returns to Camp Oakes after being closed down for 2 years due to COVID.

October 2022 - Camp4Kids renewed its long-term relationship with Camp Oakes and secured its first week at Camp Ronald McDonald to take children in the summer of 2023 (both from the hospital and siblings) in partnership with CHOC to this specialized camp.  

July 2023 - Camp4Kids celebrated it 10 years in camp after leaving the YMCA of Orange (no longer in business) and began to prepare for our Camp Director 60th year in camp in 2025. 

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