About Us

Our mission is to insure that children of all economic backgrounds are given an opportunity to have a safe and healthy place to go where they can just find that inner child again without having to worry about external factors influencing their lives.  Our goal is to enrich the lives of all those who attend our camps. 

Camp4Kids is not a religious camp; we do not preach any single religious, philosophical or spiritual belief.  As we feel that is important to foster values of respect, gratitude, kindness, and compassion.  Each morning we go to the camp’s chapel for what we call inspiration time.  We sing songs, tell value-based stories, and sometimes open and close with a generic prayer.  No child is obligated to pray if they choose not to.  Also, at each meal we say a prayer that our day be safe and happy and giving thanks for the food we are about to eat.  Again, no one is obligated to participate.  We believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs. 

If you are looking for a religious camp, we are not for you, but if you want to send your child to a camp where they can explore their own beliefs and grow inspirationally through the values of sharing, caring, creating new friends and learning to give to others less fortunate, then you have come to the right place. 

Our Philosophy

By giving children the tools to better understand themselves, they develop problem solving skills, independence, confidence, and strength of character.

By teaching children how to live and work in a community, they learn to manage themselves in complex social situations, put others’ needs before their own, and to work with other individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.

By helping children value nature, they learn to preserve, protect and appreciate the immeasurable gifts of the outdoor world.

And, by instilling these actions, children grow to see and appreciate the beauty, magic, and possibility within themselves, others and the world.

Values of our Camp

At Camp4Kids we believe that each member of our staff is to be a good role model. Helping children to develop responsibility, honesty and respect is as important as teaching them social skills.  One of the best ways to teach values to children is to lead by example.  We believe that if you want a child to grow up to be respectful, compassionate and honest, you need to strive for these qualities within yourself.  At Camp4Kids we hope to teach the following values: honesty, courtesy, respect, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness and compassion. We believe these are the values of a well-rounded life.  


Camp4Kids is a proud memeber of ACA which is the only national accrediting body for camps of all types. ACA’s accreditation standards focus on health, safety, and risk management, and are used as benchmarks by government entities. ACA accreditation provides public evidence of a camp’s commitment to the well-being of campers and staff.

I love and refer Camp 4 Kids like crazy - I love that my kids can experience what I always wished I could.

Chase N.

Best camp ever!!! My kids have been to many different camps in the past and this is by far the best experience. I’m so glad my sister told me about this camp. This is our 4th year. We fly all the way from Oahu every year for this camp. My kids are beyond excited EVERY year. Thank you to Ron and his staff for these amazing memories ❤️

Tammy C.

Thank you for all the time, effort and care you put into Camp4Kids. You don't have any idea how much how this camp means to me and my family. 

Judith C.