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Learn about Camp4Kids programs, camp and events from our videos. 

To see more go to YouTube and type in Camp4Kids.  Enjoy! - Dear Mom and Dad - Dear Mom and Dad

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Our Impact

"Camp for my daughter Jayla has been one of the BEST experiences EVER!!  It feels more like a home to her rather than camp.  She has made some amazing friends that she continues to keep in touch with. 


I will always remember her first trip to camp, when we picked her up, her and the new friends she met that week were hugging each other and crying because they didn't want to part.  She had no voice, she was singing the songs they learned and she couldn't stop talking about ALL they did, She was so happy!!  I would say Jayla was already a social butterfly but I have to say camp has made her even more social!!   Every year she creates everlasting memories and for her it is "the BEST" WEEK ever!!!"

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