Packing List for Resident Camp

Resident Camp

Recommended Clothing and Sundries Packing List

Please mark all items, even the inside of shoes, with camper's name.  Medication must be in a plastic bag clearly marked with camper's name and instructions.  Do not pack medications with clothes. Keep separate and give to camp staff/director upon check-in. 



____      1 Sack Lunch for first day

____      8 pairs of underwear

____      2 pairs of sturdy shoes (Sandals and flip flops are only allowed on the pool deck or in the showers.)

____      8 pairs of socks

____      4-5 pairs of shorts

____      3 pairs of jeans/sweats/pants

____      8 shirts

____      1 pair of pajamas

____      3 long sleeved shirts

____      1 sweatshirt or sweater

____      1 heavy jacket

____      1 swimsuit

____      1 hat or cap to be worn during the day

____      Insect repellent / Sun Block

____      Lip Balm / Chapstick

____      2 towels; 1 for the showers and 1 for the pool

____      1 rain coat / poncho just in case

____      1 laundry bag (pillow case or trash bag for their dirty clothes)

____      Water bottle

____      Toiletry kit: comb/brush, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, washcloth, lip balm

____      Sleeping bag and pillow

____      Flashlight with extra batteries

____      Pencils, pens, stamps and notebook paper (if they wish to write home)



____      Clothes for the dance and other special events (optional)

____      Camera/film or disposable camera with camper’s name written on it.

____      Book

 Clothing should be comfortable and something in which the camper can get DIRTY.  Do not send new clothing!


Money (There is nothing to spend money on! It will only get lost.)

Any electrical devices this includes cell phones, video games, etc.

Matches, lighters


Knives or other weapons of any kind

Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, vapers
Animals of any kind (live)

Personal sports equipment

Other valuables (never send anything you can’t live without)


1 duffel bag or we would suggest your child bring all his clothes in a Carry-On Roller Bag.

 (There is no laundry service at Camp, so your child will have to bring his or her dirty clothes home).

No trunks or footlockers are permitted!  Your child is permitted only two large bags of luggage.  (No trash bags, please!)

If you have a question about what not to bring, call our camp office 714-474-9774.  Your child will be sent home if found to have any of these items, and you will NOT be entitled to a refund.

Camp provides 3 balanced, nutritious meals every day plus additional snacks.  Food cannot be kept in the cabins because it usually attracts ants, rodents and other animals.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND GUM with your campers, and remember to NEVER send any food product with peanuts in it. 


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